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The SRY protein is encoded by a gene on the Y chromosome and is a control factor that directs the differentiation of a testis in male embryos. Mammalian embryos start life with an undifferentiated gonad. In the presence of SRY and other factors, a testis differentiates and begins to produce testosterone. In the absence of SRY, embryos differentiate as females, although the ovary fails to develop normally. The SRY protein contains a central domain from amino acids 60 to 128. This is called the HMG (High Mobility Group) domain and is common to many DNA binding proteins. SRY binding to the DNA helix bends the DNA and alters its accessibility to other genetic regulators.

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SRY: Male Determining Factor on the Y chromosome
Human Sequence

( ) = HMG Domain




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Notes on the Music:

This piece is a very simple read-through of the SRY protein. The full SRY sequence is bracketed by an introduction and closing section (chimes) derived from the first part of the sequence, including both DNA and protein informtion. The SRY sequence begins with a single female voice. At the HMG domain other voices are added. The sequence ends with the same female voice accompanied by a low gong. This piece was created using the BankStep Sequencing Software from Algorithmic Arts.

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