Reticulated Freshwater Rays
at the Fort Worth Zoo
(James R. Record Aquarium)

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* Scientific Name: Potamotrygon reticulatus.

* Currently on display there are two females and one male.

* The zoo received them in 1991 from Michigan.

* Present day the adults are approximately 8- 9 years old.

* The species at the zoo is a dwarfed freshwater ray.

* The adults feed on night crawlers about 4- 5 times a week.

* Not on display are three babies which feed on red wigglers nightly.

* The babies were born June of 1997 and are about 5 inches in length.

* cohabitat with Barberpole catfish and Suckermouth cat

Personal Observations

- stay active, swimming aroung the bottom of the tank

- Oftentimes thay slide on top and over each other.

- can retract their bulging eyes when objects come too close, such as other fish and objects in the tank

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