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Name: ScarletMacaw
Scientific Name:Aramacao
Range: SouthCentral Mexico To Bolivia and Central Brazil
Habitat: Forestarea, lowland tropical Rain Forest up to 90m and mountains
Status: Manyof the world's parrots are in danger of extinction largely because peoplehave destroyed much of their habitat.
Diet in the wild:Plan fruits, figs, berries and nuts. During the breeding season also insectsand their larvae.
Diet in the zoo:peanuts, but this is given only for a treat, seeds, and fruits such asorange, banana, coconut. Sometime they are given green pepper, and cornon the cob. 
Location in the zoo:upper walkway just beyond RaptorCanyon

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Physical description:
Weight: 900-1100g
Length: 85-90cm
Appearance: Hasa long red pointed tail, head, and shoulders, yellow and blue wings, andbright blue back.
General information:

Scarlet Macaw ( Ara Macao ) has a long pointedred tail, head, and shoulders, yellow and blue wings, and bright blue back.They are about 85cm long. These noisy, colorful birds can be found in riversidetropical rain forests. All 18 species of macaws are threatened. They areone of the largest birds in the New World. Now, these wonderful birds arebeing threatened. There are hardly any more of these species left. In fact,they're listed under one of the endanger species. The primary dangers arehabitat loss and heavy exploitation for the pet trade. It is a amazinghow some of the macaw live to be 80 years old . They are easily tamed andcan be trained to imitate the human voice. Scarlet Macaw is one of manyparrots that is very smart. 

Special anatomical, physiological or behavioraladaptations:

The ScarletMacaw have proportionately large hooked bills. Their hooked bills resemblethose birds of prey. Yet their adaption to eating fruits and seeds is whatthey are used to. The Scarlet Macaws are wonderful flyers.

Comments about the parrots of the Fort Worth Zoo: 

The Scarlet Macaw at the Ft. Worth Zoo is 20 years old. They are ona basic artificial diet, and they go on a daily routine. The Scarlet Macaware very intelligent birds.

Personal Observations:

The Macaw has feet with toes that are arranged with two in front andtwo behind. This type of foot is very helpful in manipulating food. TheMacaw's wings at the zoo are clipped and therefore they cannot fly. 

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