Amazon Horned Frog
Scientific Name: Ceratophrys cornuta
Geographical Range: Amazon Rain forest
Habitat: Tropical
Diet in the Wild: Carnivorous, eating snails, small frogs and mice, and even tadpoles of its own species.
Conservation Status: Not protected.
Location in the Zoo: Herpetarium

Physical Description:
Generally tan with spots and stripes to help camouflage.
Social Organization:
Males are fiercely territorial, guarding their spot of earth as if it were their life.  Men are aggressors, and females are the caregivers.
Special Adaptations:

Horned frogs generally have adapted to their environment by coming out in the morning and evening hours so as to avoid the heat of the day.  They have also developed their camouflage to hide from larger predators who are out while the frogs rest.

Reproductive Behavior: 

The amazon horned frog usually mates in water.  The males initiate mating by calling to the females.  Once the animals are together, the male places the eggs on the female's back. It is the female's responsibility to find a suitable nesting area for her young.  These eggs will hatch in anywhere from 3 to 25 days. 

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