Spiny-Tailed Lizard
Scientific Name: Uromastyx acanthinurus

Geographical Range: These lizards live in the Sahara Desert, Morocco, and from Mauritania to Egypt.

Habitat: They live in deserts, bushes, and in rock crevices.

Diet in the Wild: Spiny-tailed lizards are mostly herbivorous; however, they sometimes eat insects including crickets, grasshoppers, and ants.

Conservation Status: They are not protected.

Location in the Zoo: They live in the Herpetarium.

Physical Description:
The spiny-tailed lizard can have a body length of up to 140 mm with a tail of 145 mm.  Juveniles are usually gray with dark spots, while adults are most commonly gray. However, adults can also be red, orange, green and yellow. 
Special Adaptations:
To survive in their natural habitat, spiny-tailed lizards use their thick, sharp tail as a weapon.  They rarely need to drink as they extract most of their water from their food. Excessive salts are excreted through a salt gland near its eyes.
Reproductive Behavior: 
Spiny-tailed lizards are egg-layers that take several years to reach sexual maturity.  Even after they have reached this maturity, they do not reproduce regularly.

Social Organization:
Both males and females are very territorial and solitary.

The Animal at the Zoo:
Unavailable for observations.

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