Puerto Rican Crested Toad

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Name: Puerto Rican Crested Toad
Scientific name: Peltophryne lemur
Puerto Rico - NW and SW coasts 
Virgin Godo Islands
drier, semi-arid regions
Status: Endangered 
Diet in the wild:
insects, worms, insect larvae and other invertebrates 
Diet in the zoo: crickets 
Location in the zoo:  Herpetarium

Physical description:

Medium sized toad 

  • Male-smaller at 3 in. 
  • Female-larger at 4 in.
  • Male 1.75 oz. 
  • Female 3.5-5.25 oz.



  • Male Olive Green and Gold
  • Female Dull Brown 
Skin is Textured & Bumpy 
  • Females have Rougher Skin
Golden Round eyes 
  • Females have high crest above the eyes 
  • Males less prominent crest

General information: 

The Puerto Rican Crested Toad can live in many different habitats such as:  pool areas, vegetated offshore islands, cliffs, rock outcrops, and farm ponds.  In the wild there are possibly only a few hundred, and in captivity there are 150.  The decreasing population is due to human population, and the introduction of the giant marine toad that competes for food, niche, and breeding sites.  Many zoos are working to save the toad under a program called Species Survival Plan (SSP)

Special anatomical, physiological 
or behavioral adaptations:

Adult toads disperse when not breeding and move to and from breeding sites.  Breeding takes place when there is surface water avaliable. 


The females outnumber the males 4:1.  The toads are nocturnal, only active at night and become very colorful during this time. 


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