Lousiana Pine Snake

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Name:Lousiana Pine Snake
Scientific name: Pituophis ruthveni
Range: West Central Lousiana & East Texas
Habitat: Pine forests
Status: Threatened
Diet in the wild: rodents
Diet in the zoo: carnivore diet Mice and other rodents
Location in the zoo:Located in the Herpetarium

Physical description: 
Background color is buff to yellowish with dark brown markings near head and brown to russet markings near tail. Length: 48-56 inches belly is marked with black.  Related to the bullsnake. 

General information:

Louisian pine snake is possibly one of the rarest snakes in North America  It is illegal to catch or possess these snakes in the state of Texas. It is mostly found in areas with sandy soils.

Special anatomical, physiological
or behavioral adaptations:

The Lousiana pine snake's breeding season is in the spring. Their eggs hatch in the fall. 

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